Expert Concrete Grinding Services on the Brisbane and Gold Coast Areas

Here at Kwik Cut Concrete Drilling & Sawing, we have everything needed to get the job done, including the latest equipment and the expertise needed to operate it. Our highly qualified team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the concrete cutting business, including sawing, drilling, grinding, and cutting, using our full range of specialist equipment.
Whether your concrete drilling and cutting tasks require hydraulic, electrical, or standard engine driven machines, we have the tools to get the job done with the minimum of fuss and mess. Our concrete saws can cut thicknesses up to a staggering 650mm with relative ease, and our surface grinders can remove ridges or even polish your existing concrete into a stunning Terrazzo style finish.   

Our concreting services include:

  • Concrete sawing
  • Concrete cutting
  • Core drilling
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Wire sawing
  • Grinding
If you are looking for professional concrete drilling or cutting service in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, look no further. Call the concrete working specialist today on 07 3287 3609.
Kwik Cut concrete slab saw

Hydraulic drilling

By using equipment that is remotely fed hydraulic power, many concrete drilling and cutting operations can be carried out with the minimum disruption to your home or business. This has a direct impact upon the cost of any project, thus making the use of hydraulic drilling and cutting equipment all the more viable.

K2500 and K3600 Ring saws can cut up to 260mm deep in the floor or wall and, because there are no exhaust fumes, these saws are ideal for cutting in confined spaces.

This state-of-the-art wall saw offers a one-step solution for cutting openings in walls up to 500mm thick.       
This drill rig provides the maximum in power and performance, and the fully hydraulic operation allows for a hole of 1m diameter to be drilled with the greatest of ease.
Kwik Cut Hydraulic Drilling concrete grinding brisbane

Concrete Drilling & Cutting Services in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast

07 3287 3609

Electrical Sawing

There is an ever-increasing demand for electrical sawing of concrete in all types of structures, due to the growing awareness of the health and safety issues surrounding all types of construction works. Open and unfinished building structures are one thing, but occupied premises offer far more of a challenge, especially if food or other consumable goods are present.

In such circumstances large amounts of goods and or employees would normally have to be relocated whilst any concrete cutting work was undertaken. The bottom line is that all these factors impact upon any project as a monetary cost.

This is where the use of electrical sawing and water fed electrical sawing equipment comes into its own. Apart from the obvious benefits of not producing any exhaust fumes, these electrical sawing machines are also much quieter in operation, which is another plus if people are working nearby.

Electric sawing is becoming a big part of concrete cutting, and whether it is in a supermarket, restaurant, or airport, these saws are ideal.

This partner saw is ideal for indoor work where fumes and slurry can be a problem. With its unique water feed system, it makes hardly any mess.

This electric floor saw is ideal for works indoors due to it being a lot quieter in operation than petrol saws. Furthermore, there are no fumes.

Visit our Hydraulic Range page to look at hand held cutters that are fume-free.
Kwik Cut Electrical Sawing concrete slab saw

Concrete Grinding

Here at Kwik Cut Concrete Drilling & Sawing, our range of concrete grinding equipment is ideal for all those final finishing touches and those intricate jobs. Concrete grinding is also the perfect solution to eliminate trip hazards and the refinishing of old, tired concrete.

We are the experts in concrete grinding and polishing to the highest of standards. Our team have all the expertise and machinery at hand to make sure you get the perfect finish every single time. We can turn old boring flat concrete into beautiful speckled concrete, or whatever you are after, so get in touch with us today.

Edge Grinders

When fresh concrete is laid, even by experts, there are often a few ragged edges and raised corners, especially around the expansion joints or other abutments. In the case of a raw construction or concrete frame, this is unlikely to be an issue. However, the interior floors and walls of a finished project are another matter entirely. Warehouses or supermarkets where wheeled equipment is used, and office spaces, are particular environments where a totally flat finish is crucial. This is where our edge grinders are especially needed.

HTC Grinders

With our range of HTC grinders, we can do jobs as simple as removing a trip hazard, to turning your concrete into a terrazzo style by polishing it. The 650 grinder has three heads which is ideal for polishing as it leaves no scratches.
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